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Our History

How We Started

Established in 2002, Akayet Mining Services started as a mining equipment consumables supplier, dealing with drilling and rock tools and mining accessories. 

With a very high vision of constantly exploring into profitable opportunities and to expanding the scope of the business, Mr. Emmanuel Akayety (CEO) of the company with optimism ventured   and cross the threshold into the explosive and blasting industry in 2003. 

Since 2003 , the E&B subsidiary has grown steadily in revenue and in scope to increase the company revenue exponentially and has emerged as one of the best local explosive and blasting support Company in Ghana and the West Africa sub-region

As a result of the increase in capacity, Akayet Mining services has supported many blasting projects in the areeas of Sea Defence, Railway, and mining. we also provide product support to both open pit and underground mining as well as the quarry sector where our market share continue to grow.

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Our Product

AKAYET MINING SERVICE NITROERG sells its products to over 21 Quarries and underground and open-pit mine.

Drilling And Blasting Tools

AKAYET Mining Service has a professional team of blasting engineers with comprehensive mining knowledge. It undertakes quarry blasting and tunnel blasting service and distributes explosives and initiating systems to over 21 quarries and underground mining companies

AKAYET MINING (NITROERG EXPLOSIVES) provides services in the drilling and blasting works.

Akayet Mining Service

If you have any work related to quarrying or product enquiries, simply call our 24 hour emergency number.
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