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Concrete Transport

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Quality Assurance

Our partners support quality control in Poland –NITROERG with production based on the applied procedures to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004, and the conducted quality improvement programs (including EQS) enable us to meet the highest standards.

In connection with the certificates that we hold, we are supervised quality, safety and occupational health, and care for the natural environment are the values we respect.

  • Rock explosives
  • dynamites
  • powderous

 emulsion (in bulk or cartridge form)

Intended for use in places where there is no risk of methane explosion or coal dust explosion.

Shock tube Intended for production of non-electric detonators and for application in blasting technology to extend the blasting line when using non-electric detonators.

Blasting caps • instantaneous • millisecond delay • half-second delay • Deci second delay

●Rock – for use in open pit and underground non-coal mines and demolition and ground engineering works.

●Methane – for blasting works in mines in areas with methane or coal dust explosion hazard.

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